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OxuLumis device

OxuLumis is an ocular drug delivery system which deploys the world’s smallest, illuminated medical cannula to the suprachoroidal space with a proprietary self-actuated mechanism.

OxuLumis is designed to deliver low-volume, drug preparations to the back-of-eye tissues to treat sight-threatening retinal diseases and conditions.

Key benefits of suprachoroidal space delivery

  • Less invasive than intravitreal delivery
  • Reduces side effects
  • Acts as a depot for sustained release drug formulations

Key benefits of OxuLumis

  • Pars plana administration site
  • Visual confirmation of drug placement
  • Delivery of drug at the posterior retina and macula
  • Minimally invasive procedure does not penetrate ocular cavity
  • Microcannula is atraumatic
  • Novel, in-office procedure offers high-value professional fee for physicians